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UHRS IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is a full-serviced digital marketing and brand advertising company, offering top-notch advertising and web marketing solutions for your brand.


We believe in creative work and we take pride to take challenges in terms of producing creative works for our clients. We are a high-performance creative team that can execute your marketing and advertising requirements quickly and in an affordable way. We help our clients outthink the competition and take their brands up by higher levels.


We believe in giving positive results in order to help our client's business develop accordingly. Founded in the year 2014 as a digital marketing company from Mathura (The Birthplace of Lord Krishna) India, we fast made the name for ourselves as a leading online marketing company in India. We help brands localise their strategies and communications. And we take pride in our connection with some of the biggest brands and organizations in India.


We are a global company and work with the organizations worldwide for providing digital marketing and creative services. We have had overcome all the hiccups and finally have entered in the digital space to rule the digital industry. Now we have a team that can transform the way your brand is displayed in the online world. Straight from designing a search engine optimised site to acquiring a lot of targeted traffic to your site and developing your business, we take pride to introduce ourselves as a leading SEO company in India.



UHRS strives to develop brands through creative excellence and smarter concepts, detaching from the ordinary.



Our prime mission is to create, prepare, and offer user-friendly, profitable, adaptable, and all-inclusive services to the needs of the digital marketing industry. Our objective is to bring SMM and SEO solutions within the reach of every sized business, in all corners of the globe.



Our prime strategy is to bring a coordinated approach that involves professionals from various fields, working together in our innovations. Our key concept is to develop effective solutions. Processing a seamless approach, we want to execute our ideas worldwide.


Now, we have clients not only from India but also across the globe, making a difference with cost leverage, ethical practices, and knowledge.


We are looking forward to working for your business as a team. Feel free to drop us a quick email @ or you can call us (+91 9650767796) right way as well in order to see the difference in your ROI!